1. Gender Policy
  2. M&E Manual
  3. M&E Policy
  4. Child Protection Policy
  5. Safe Guarding Policy


  1. Financial Management Policy
  2. Procurement Policy
  3. Risk Management Policy
  4. Child Protection Policy
  5. Anti-Fraud Policy


  1. Human Resource Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Code of Conduct Complaints Feedback And Response Mechanism Policy

Technical & Administrative Capaciy:

JAGGARTA organization has number of committed and dedicated youth male female volunteers as its
members. The Executive Committee of the organization comprised of highly qualified professionals of
different fields i.e., Health, Finance, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Social Development etc. Besides
highly qualified EC members and dedicated volunteers the organization carries out its program activities
through its full-time paid staff. The organization remained aware of the needs for capacity building of its
members as well as staff members. The staff has acquired trainings in Project Management, Proposal
Development, Social Mobilization, Community Organization, Preventive Health Care, Local Resource
Mobilization, Report Writing, Natural Resources Management, Advocacy & Awareness, and Financial
Management etc.

Technical & Administrative Capaciy:

The organization has been carrying out its activities mostly with community support
but never ignored to raising funds from other available resources such as Government,
National/International Donors, Support organizations as well as Philanthropists. The annual budget of the
organization ranges from 19-25 million Rupees. The organization maintains its accounts on double entry
system using Peach Tree finance software and cloud system. The organization gets its accounts audited from
Chartered Accountant Firm every year and gets these accounts approved from EC and General Body