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Hand Pump Project Overview

Jaggarta is installing and repairing Hand pumps in flood affected areas. The project is being supported by local philanthropists and donors.

Year 2010 Flood destroyed many villages and affected thousands of lives. A major post flood problem was availability of Safe and clean drinking water. Jaggarta installed 40 hand pumps in the affected areas during 2010.

Year 2011 Flood- 8 districts were the worst hit by floods this year. Main source of drinking water i.e. handpumps were either damaged or destroyed. Feeling the agony faced by the people, jaggarta once again initiated efforts for repairing and installing pumps.

Request for Support

Keeping in view the magnituted of calamity that hit these areas, the work done is not enough. We request you to support our cause in any way you can.

How can you Help?

  1. Can provide us with Hand pumps at our Office. Contact Us
  2. Can sponsor installation of a hand pump. Each pump costs PKR 7,500 (USD 83 approx) including equipment, transportation, installation and all other costs. You can contact us at for further info.
  3. You can create awareness of the problems faced by flood affectees and support our cause.


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